Wednesday, October 1, 2008

computer engineers earn more????

Recently I have seen a blog from the computer engineer who had written an article why computer engineers earn more.

The following main reasons are:

They are innovative.

They are thinking leaders.

On the other hand other people like teachers, doctors, bankers earn less because

Teachers are the once who do the same thing.............

bankers do not need any knowledge...

But the right reason for the people who are called computer engineers earn MORE  because they
work for USA and other countries where the currencies of those countries are more valued than INDIAN RUPEE>>>>>>>>>>.

In fact all these people will loose JOBS if these countries stops outsourcing.
And they will be earning the same way as we (the normal people) earn.

Let us pray to god that the OUTSOURCING continue so that we have many people in INDIA who are richer.

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